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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Tips From the Team at Carpenter’s Equipment On Maintaining a Drone

Finding a hobby is a great way to alleviate the stress a person has in their life. Choosing the right hobby will be a bit harder than most people think due to the variety of options out there. If a person loves both technology and photography, then investing in a drone is a great idea. In the past few years, the drone market has seen a lot of innovation due to the unbelievable popularity of these devices. Researching the different drones on the market is a must when trying to make the right decision. The following are some of the things a person should do when trying to keep their drone in good shape.

Performing a Pre-Flight Inspection

Before taking off with a drone, a person should take some time to perform an inspection. The first thing the drone owner should check are their propellers. If a propeller is cracked or chipped, it may not work properly. The last thing a drone owner wants is to have their prized possession come plummeting to the ground due to a damaged propeller. A person will also need to check the camera on the bottom of the drone as well as the battery. With this thorough inspect, the drone owner can make sure their machine is ready to take flight.

Check the Motor Out Regularly

Keeping an eye on the condition of the drone’s motor is also very important. Over time, dirt and dust may start to build up in this part of the drone. Using a can of compressed air is a great way to reduce the amount of dirt that is in the motor. The longer a person lets their motor go with dirt and debris in it, the harder they will find it to use their drone efficiently.

Finding out as much as possible about the upkeep of a new drone is essential when trying to keep it functional. At Carpenter’s Equipment, a person will be able to find out a lot of information on drones and how to properly care for them. Visit this website to get a look at the content they have to offer.

6 Frequently-Seen Boiler Problems and Their Solutions

The home’s central heating and hot water systems are dependent on the boiler. However, most people don’t devote much thought to this important component, but they expect it to provide heat on demand. The most common boiler issues typically occur when a heating device has been inactive for a long time. Below are several common boiler issues as well as some information on how a heating repair expert can fix them.

Automatic Shut-Offs

A boiler can shut off automatically for a variety of reasons. Some factors that may cause a boiler to shut off include thermostat troubles, a failed pump, a frozen pipe, or air in the lines. An experienced tech can bleed the boiler’s radiator to remove trapped air, and they can thaw condensate pipes if they freeze in winter.

A Malfunctioning Thermocouple

Another common issue lies in the thermocouple. When this part fails, the boiler’s pilot light can go out by itself. However, a damaged seal can cause the pilot light to be extinguished as well. In either case, the homeowner should call a heating and cooling expert for repairs and advice.

Radiator Issues

Rusted radiator pipes are another common boiler issue. Because of rust buildup, the radiator can no longer heat water properly. A repair tech can determine whether the radiator is functioning correctly; if not, he or she can take steps to resolve the problem.

Dripping and Leaking

A boiler may drip or leak for a variety of reasons. A loose internal connection or a broken part is a common cause of leakage. This boiler problem is one that should only be repaired by a qualified, licensed technician.

Excessive Noise

Boiler noise usually arises from the buildup of air or lime inside the heat exchanger. The homeowner may hear gurgling, rumbling, banging or whistling noises. To solve the problem, a repair tech can power flush or bleed the radiator to remove trapped air and lime.

Pressure Problems

In a pressurized heating system, a boiler may continually lose pressure. This may occur due to a leak or a failed expansion vessel. However, a tech can fix it by re-pressurizing the boiler system.